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About Us


We are recognized as the World’s leading manufacturer of die-cast products.  We want to share our vision to every other collector in the world by making our products accessible. By using the latest technology in producing diecast toy cars, we are able to help those starting to collect to have their base collection by providing cheaper alternatives. And to those who are already veteran in collecting, we have provided them with hard-to-find car models so they won’t have a hard time finding their desired car model when shopping online using some promo code free shipping with no minimum.


We constantly improve our craftsmanship in order to deliver a globally competitive set of diecast toy cars. We managed to change the game when we introduced our products. We have made this hobby accessible to everyone because our products are definitely the cheapest in the market but the quality is one of the best. We will continue to do so in the generations to come.


We care about this as our life’s mission, not just our business. We believe that harnessing the creative input of the car collection community, we are able to create quality and new products that we can sell at an affordable price. Thank you for continuously supporting our efforts and we promise to never stop innovating and improving.


We believe in creativity, freedom, and integrity. Those values are the core of the company and our services. We believe that by using these three points as our main values, we will be able to deliver the best services to our customers.